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San Diego Traffic Ticket Attorney

Why Hire a Ticket Attorney?

  • An attorney will evaluate the evidence against you

  • An attorney can find errors in the evidence you would not be able to find

  • Saves you 4-6 hours at court

  • Saves you the time and expense traveling to the court

  • Do not miss two days of work 

  • You do not pay the fine amount up front

  • Avoid the confusing court system

  • Never miss your hearings

  • Gives you the best chance for a dismissal or reduction on the ticket

$125 Representation for Most Tickets

When you factor in the costs involved in contesting a ticket, hiring an attorney pays for itself:

  • Two days missed at work, at even $15 an hour would be $240

  • Gas to and from court, another $10-20

  • Time spent scheduling a hearing and trying to get a hold of the court

  • Time spent researching and preparing for hearings

  • Possible savings on fines

  • Possible dismissal of the ticket



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