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Should I Hire an Attorney?

Should I hire an attorney to fight my traffic ticket or not? The answer to this question is different for everyone looking to fight their San Diego traffic ticket. Here are a few reasons why you may want to hire a San Diego traffic ticket attorney to handle your ticket for you: 


(1) An Attorney Gives You the Best Chance of Winning.---we know the law and how the traffic ticket court works. We handle cases in traffic court on a daily basis. If there is something wrong with the evidence the officer has, we will know it, you will not. If the officer fails to lay a proper foundation for evidence during the ticket trial, we can argue that to the judge getting the case dismissed, it may go by you unnoticed. 


(2) Do Not Have to Pay Fine Upfront--- If you hire us to represent you on your traffic ticket, you get to keep the fine amount pending the outcome of the trial. If we win, you never pay the court anything. If you contest the case yourself, the court will likely require you pay the fine amount upfront, then if you win the trial, the court will refund you the money a few weeks later. 


(3) Saves You Time---Hiring us saves you from having to go to court. This saves two to four hours at the first court date, and another two to four hours at the trial date. You avoid the crowds, avoid waiting in line, avoid waiting in a court room unable to talk or use your phone, and avoid waiting in a crowded business office to get your paperwork after court.


(4) Save You Additional Costs---think handling the case yourself is free, it's not. Think about this: You have to take time off work two different days taking away salary or vacation time, you get backed up on work (time is money), and you have to travel and buy gas for the drives to the court. By the time you do all that you could have afforded a traffic ticket attorney like us to handle the case for you.


(5) Do Not Have to Appear in Traffic Court---Some people do not like public speaking. Others do not like dealing with law enforcement or judges. To contest your traffic ticket, you need to do both. We enjoy that aspect of the job, and are comfortable questioning officers and arguing cases to judges. 


(6) Researching the Law---Do you have time to look up vehicle codes, case law, exceptions to the rules? Probably not. The reality is that a lot of what we know and have learned we have picked up over years of experience dealing with traffic tickets. It is something that we have already spent time learning and continue to educate ourselves on daily. Save yourself the time and give us a call. 


Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that hiring an attorney to handle your case will result in a dismissal. However, we give you the best shot at getting a dismissal or a reduction. When you think about what you spend $125 on, why would you not spend it on an attorney, and better yet, two attorneys to review your case, go to court for you, keep you informed of what is happening, and handle the traffic ticket trial for you. When you factor in everything, we think we offer a great deal for a great service. 


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