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Testimonials from Clients:

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"When I first spoke to William and Gabriel I knew I was in the right hands for my high profile case being handed the first ticket in the US for driving with Google Glass. William was a total pro and got me out of both a speeding ticket and the Google Glass ticket. I could not recommend William more and I would never use anyone but his firm."


"Will got my husband's traffic case dismissed! We are so elated with the results, knowing my husband's situation was a complicated one. He delivered results well beyond and above our expectations! Will is reasonable, trustworthy, ethical and the best lawyer anyone can ask for if you have any traffic issues. He sincerely cares about his client's case and pursues it with passion. My husband's only regret is that we did not know him sooner! We feel so fortunate and lucky to have him as our lawyer. If you are looking for an AWESOME lawyer to represent your traffic issue, look no further. No one is better than Will Concidine! So rest assured you are making the perfect choice. We highly recommend him to all our acquaintances and friends! After all one never knows when the time comes and you will need a VERY good lawyer. Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about Will. You will not regret your choice. He is not just a great lawyer, but also a great person to know!"


"A few months ago I was making the drive from LA to San Diego when I saw the dreaded red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. Shortly there after I had a speeding ticket to contest and I knew just who to call! William Concidine and the staff at East Village Law Group were amazingly helpful, informative, so friendly, and handled the entire process for me! William got the speeding ticket DISMISSED: No Traffic School, No Fines, No Hassle! All I had to do was call him, give him the ticket information, and problem solved. AMAZING SERVICE!"


"Last June I was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. When I needed to hand over my license, insurance and registration I found that I did not have my insurance card on me... I got a ticket for both totaling to a fine of over $1000.00. I spoke with William about handling the tickets for me and all I had to do was scan and email the ticket over, along with my proof of insurance and he handled everything else. He kept me in the loop on the progress of the ticket... from receiving my information, when the hearing was postponed all the way through to him getting it completely dismissed with no fees (proof of insurance) or fines (stop sign) and following up with a letter and documents for my personal records. I can't say enough how impressed and thankful I am with William and how he handled my case. I highly recommend William Concidine!"


"I received 3 traffic citations in 2 months. One for running a red light, one for speeding, and a seatbelt and equipment ticket with multiple violations. So far, Mr. Concidine has gotten both of my "point related" tickets dismissed completely. He has saved me $960 in court fines, 2 points on my license (which could have caused my insurance to go up hundreds of dollars per year) and saved me the costs and fees of traffic school, even though I would have gladly taken traffic school if necessary. Lastly, he has continued my other ticket when I was unable to get the "fix it" portions completed in time. I would strongly recommend Mr. Concidine for any Traffic or Criminal cases that you might have in San Diego."


"I was referred to Gabriel Moore from an attorney friend of mine when my 17 year old son recieved his first ticket for following too closely. As many parents can agree I was very concerned about my insurance going through the roof, so I decided it was worth a try and at the very least Gabe told me he could have the courts arrange a payment plan so my son could pay the fine himself ($300+), that in itself would be a huge help! In the end everything went seamlessly and my sons case was dismissed. I never had to do more than fax a few documents to his office and was able to make payment over the phone. I will definitely tell my friends and family about Gabe!"


"Unfortunately before last summer I was involved in an unfortunate set of events where I received a MIP. To my dismay I was told I would lose my license if convicted (mandatory for MIP's in California). I really didn't want that to happen since I use my car for a lot. Mr. Concidine was able to remove that part of the charge and work it so I only had to pay a fine. He got me exactly what I wanted in a professional and very welcoming manner. The process was very streamlined because of him and I am very pleased with his representation of my case."

"I have been pleased with William's dedication on my case. He is very personable. I am glad I had him as my lawyer. He went above and beyond. Always keeping me informed on how things went in the court room. He has been understanding and as soon as I hired him he got the results I wanted. And the best part is that he still worked on my case when I was out of town. I am so thankful for his hard work. I have looked around for lawyers and some of them were all talk with a high price. And I knew I made the right decision."


"William Concidine was an absolute pleasure to have represent me. Being my first incident and knowing nothing about the court process, William was excellent at taking me through the steps we would be going through and what needed to be done. Every time there were any new developments he would call me and keep me informed and after every court date would call and fill me in with what was going on and what would be next. He would then follow-up with a letter for my personal records. I would strongly recommend William to anyone who needs to be represented by a true professional." 


"Provides great service. Knows the traffic court system well and how to work it. For a reasonable fee, He was able to get a $500 red light citation dismissed and I didn't have to post bond or appear. Very happy and would use him again but hope I never have to! Highly recommended."


"Extremely helpful and honest lawyer. As my lawyer he represented me in the court professionally. His thorough knowledge in law, make my case a success. The lawyer fee that was charge to me was very minimal.I would strongly recommend Mr Concidine to defend anyone."


"It was a simple traffic case, and Will took care of things. I didn't need to go to court, and he got the charges reduced. He saved me more money than he cost me, and he saved me time as well. Worthwhile."


"Got a cell phone ticket for talking while driving and I wasn't. Called Will for help. 
To my surprise at the end this CHP Officer tried to lie and will got him 
Good and my ticket was thrown out as not guilty. I'm not going to lie folks 
Will is great person and would call him again in a heart beat. Ps the courts was favoring 
The CHP officer the whole time even thou I had my phone records to prove I was not on my phone. 
But like I said Will caught him and his misleading story and he was on it. Also CHP officer 
Slammed his Chair and walked out that's a case closed for Will. Great man."

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