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Termination of Probation and Expungements

Termination of Probation 

Are you on probation and do not want to be? You can file a motion to terminate your probation early. 

Reasons to get off probation include new job opportunities, less restrictions, ability to apply for an expungement, and a chance to put the past behind you. 

Generally, you have to complete the requirements of your probation in order to have it terminated early. If you have paid your fines, done classes, paid any restitution, and completed other requirements you have a chance to get the probation terminated early. 

In order to get off probation early, you must file a motion to terminate probation and have a hearing with the judge to argue for the termination. You can hire an attorney like our office to handle the filing of the motion and handling of the hearing for you. Contact us to find out how we can help. 


Obtaining an expungement following criminal charges is a valuable step to take in putting the offense behind you. 

In order to obtain an expungement you must have completed your probation. So, some people seek to terminate probation early and obtain the expungement and other people wait until the probation is over and then seek the expungement. 


On felony cases there is a $120 filing fee paid to the court. On misdemeanor cases the filing fee is $60. 


The expungement allows you to say the offense has been set aside and it will be noted that way on any background checks. This allows you to then say you have not been convicted on job applications in the future. There is no harm in getting the expungement and it often helps people with careers and new opportunities in life so we always recommend getting one. 


You can file the paperwork yourself or you can hire an attorney like us to handle the filing for you. Contact us to find out how we can help.   


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