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Traffic Tickets

To contest your traffic ticket you are looking at spending a good part of a day to enter a not guilty plea and another half day or more to show up to the trial.


When you factor in the cost of missing work, the time and gas to drive to and from traffic court, waiting in line half the morning at the traffic court, waiting in court for your case to be called, and then waiting around in the business office for your court paperwork, it just makes financial sense to hire MyTrafficGuys to do it for you.

When you retain our services, an attorney from MyTrafficGuys will make all the court appearances on your behalf, meaning you never have to step foot in a courtroom--saving you hours on the first visit to pled not guilty and several more hours when you contest the charges at trial.

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Practice Areas


MyTrafficGuys focus on representing those accused of traffic offenses throughout San Diego County, including the Clairemont Mesa traffic court location, the Chula Vista Court, El Cajon Court, and the traffic annex at the Vista Court.


The following is a listing of the different types of traffic offenses and vehicle code violations MyTrafficGuys handle:

Speeding Tickets - VC 22349(a)

Speeding Over 100 mph Tickets VC 22348(b)

Cell phone tickets - VC 23123

Texting tickets - VC 23123.5

Flight from a Police Officer - VC2800.1

Driving without Current Registration - VC 4000(a)(1)

No Registration in Vehicle - VC 4454(a) 

False Registration Tabs - VC 4462.5

No License Plate - VC 5200(a) (Infraction)

Driving Without a Valid Driver's License - VC 12500(a) (Infraction/Misdemeanor)

Driver's License Not in Possession - VC 12951(a) (Infraction)

Negligent Operator Driving with a Suspended License - VC 14601(a)

Driving with a Suspended License - VC 14601.1 (a) (Infraction/Misdemeanor)

Driving with a Suspended License Following a DUI - VC 14601.2(2) (Misdemeanor)

Driving with a Suspended License Following a Refusal - VC 14601.5 (Misdemeanor)

Driving without Proof of Insurance - VC 16028(a) (Infraction)

Hit and Run - VC 20002(a) (Misdemeanor)

Failure to Stop at Red Light - VC 21453(a) (Infraction)

Failure to Obey Sign, Signal, or Device - VC21461(a) (Infraction)

Car Pool Violation - VC21655.5 (b) (Infraction)

Illegal Turn at Intersection - VC 22101 (d) (Infraction)

Speed Over 100 mph - VC 22348(b) (Infraction)

Unsafe Speed for Conditions - VC 22350 (Infraction)

Failure to Stop at Stop Sign - VC 22450 (a) (Infraction)

Reckless Driving - VC 23103 (a) (Misdemeanor)

Speed Contest - VC 23109 (a) (Misdemeanor)

Exhibition of Speed - VC 23109 (c) (Misdemeanor)

Throwing Substance on Highway - VC 23111 (Infraction)

Minor with a BAC .05 % - VC 23140 (Infraction)

Marijuana in Vehicle while Driving - VC 23222 (b) (Misdemeanor)

Tinted Windows - VC 26708 (a) (Infraction)

Driving without Wearing Seatbelt - VC 27315 (d) (Infraction)

Child Passenger Restraint Violation - VC 27360 (Infraction)

and Many Other Traffic and Vehicle Code Violations.


Call us today at (619) 333-0505 to learn how we can help you!!!
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