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Traffic Courts Consolidating

The San Diego Superior Court plans to consolidate the Chula Vista and El Cajon traffic courts with the main traffic court in Kearny Mesa. This decision will have a significant impact on contesting tickets for the general public in those areas. When the plan goes into affect, the wait times at the Kearny Mesa will increase with the added traffic cases and more work for the same amount of staff. Second, people will now have to travel from those two locations and surrounding areas and go to the Kearny Mesa branch of the court. Third, law enforcement will be off the streets for longer period of times as they too will have to travel longer distances to get to court for the citations they issued. We will all have to wait to see how this plays out. If you have any questions about the consolidation, contact My Traffic Guys. For a story from Channel 10 News about the consolidation, click here.


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