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What is the Date on My Ticket?

The date given to you on the bottom or your traffic ticket here in San Diego County is a deadline date by which to do something on your ticket--pay the fine or fight the ticket. In the past, that date was an actual court hearing where you would show up to court and see a judge. Now, with how busy the traffic court has become over the years, the date on the ticket has now shifted to become a deadline date. So, if you are going to be contesting the ticket yourself you would need to contact the court by that date to set up a hearing to plead not guilty. In the alternative, if you have decided you want to pay the ticket and not fight it you would need to do that by that deadline.

If you cannot decide what to do and your deadline date on the ticket is approaching, you may also be able to request a 30 day extension on the traffic ticket to give yourself more time to figure out what you want to do. There are some cases that are not eligible for the extension online such as speeding over 100 mph tickets, tickets with correctable violations, and tickets issued to minors as a few examples.


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