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Traffic School

When people get tickets their main concern is usually trying to keep a point from the violation off their driving record so their auto insurance rates do not go up. When you get a ticket there are only two ways to avoid the point from going on your driving record: (1) fight the ticket and have it get dismissed at court, and (2) pay the fine and attend traffic school.

What is traffic school? Traffic school is an eight hour class, usually done online these days, which hides the point from your driving record when you complete the course. There are numerous different traffic schools to choose from and they tend to range in price from $5 to $20 depending on which one you pick. You complete the course and then have the traffic school electronically notify the court that you completed the traffic school and that hides the point from your insurance company. The court and the DMV will see know you received the violation and did traffic school but it is made confidential.

How often can you do traffic school? The reason the court and DMV keep records of the traffic school is because you can only attend traffic school once every 18 months. The 18 months is determined from violation date to violation date so you are not able to manipulate the 18 months by continuing a case before resolving it.

Should I do Traffic School or Fight the Ticket? Generally, I suggest fighting a ticket to see if you can get it dismissed prior to electing to do the traffic school. That is largely based on the fact you can only attend the traffic school once every 18 months so I try to keep the traffic school as a fall back as long as possible. By contesting the ticket you give yourself a chance of a dismissal and then you essential save traffic school for any other future violations you may have. If you are unable to get the ticket dismissed, then the traffic school would be a fall back position on the trial date to still hide the points from your driving record.

Give us a call to discuss your San Diego traffic ticket and see what might be the best option for you. You can call for a free consultation at (619) 333-0505 or email us at


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