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Two Pending Traffic Tickets: What Should I Do?

Unfortunately, some people go years without any tickets and then get two tickets in a short period of time. So, the question of what to do on the two tickets is an important one as you are only eligible for traffic school to hide a point on one ticket every 18 months and you would not be eligible on both of the pending tickets. What do you do?

Generally, for anyone with two pending traffic tickets I usually recommend fighting both tickets instead of just paying one and doing traffic school and fighting the other. When you pay and do traffic school on the one the then the second ticket suddenly becomes an all or nothing. In the alternative, if you fight both tickets, you may have several possible better scenarios: you may be able to get both dismissed saving traffic school, you may get one ticket dismissed and do traffic school on the other avoiding any points on the two tickets, and lastly you could still do traffic school on the first one and a trial on the second to try to get it dismissed at the trial. So, fighting both tickets gives you a better chance of a better overall result.

If you have two pending tickets and have questions, please give us a call and we can run through the different options and see how we can help you. Our number is (619) 333-0505 or email us at


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