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Speeding Over 100 mph Tickets

Unfortunately, speeding over 100 mph is considered one of the most serious traffic tickets you can get. I say that because of the possible punishment which is a fine of up to $1,310, two points on your driving record, a 30 day license suspension, and a possible 16 hour in person traffic school that does not hide the points. Also, these tickets require a mandatory court appearance and you cannot just pay the ticket and have it go away. So, you or an attorney need to go to the court hearings. This is the one ticket that we tell every single person who calls us about that they should fight the ticket as it can only remain the same or get better by fighting it and there is nothing to lose.

Generally, if you would like to contest the citation, we can handle that for you and save you the time and effort of going to court. We handle the first hearing, the arraignment as listed on the bottom of the citation. We enter a not guilty plea on your behalf and the court will set a trial date months in the future. We then appear for you on the date of trial and see if we can get the case dismissed.

The benefits of hiring an attorney for your case include the fact that if you hire an attorney you do not need to pay the fine amount up front to get a trial. Instead, the court waits to see what happens with the case. If it gets dismissed, then you never pay the court anything. In the worst case, we get you a few months longer to pay the fine or set up months payments. Another benefit is that when you hire an attorney you do not need to attend court, the attorney can do it for you. This should save you more than five hours between going to court twice on two separate occasions, waiting in court, and waiting for your paperwork each time. Further, we give you the best shot of getting the case dismissed. We know the law and the loopholes and see what the officer's actually know and remember when they arrive on the trial date.

If you would like to retain us to represent you on your ticket, we charge a $300 flat fee for each case here in San Diego County. I would be happy to provide a retainer agreement if you want us to handle the whole case for you. Please let me know if you have any questions


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